Set of 10 Hand Blown 1950's Vintage Drinking Glasses- Solid, High Quality WOW!!!

Set of 10 Glasses-Hand Blown, Unused, Excellent Quality!!
I obtained this wonderful set of 10 glasses at an estate auction in Maine. They were wrapped in crumbling newspaper which was dated 1959, the Boston Recorder. I cleaned them thoroughly and discovered they were never used and in excellent condition!! These date back to at least 1959, if not before. They look to be hand blown--with a swirl and divot on the the bottoms. They are extremely high quality and well-made. They are very solid--thicker than most cheaply made glasses these days--but not overly thick like mexican hand blown glass. They measure about 4 1/4" high, about 2 1/2" round. The bottoms are thick, solid glass at a bit over 1/4" thick. They are superbly well balanced!! They have a curve at the bottom. They ring just like crystal--it's quite possible that they are crystal. If you went to any quality glassware retailer today, these glasses would be priced at $12-$24 each!! Anthropologie has much cheaper quality glasses made in China that retail for $14 each. Mine are priced at $6 each. The shipping on these glasses is high because of I am determined to ship these in an extremely safe manner, with lots of bubble wrap and in 2 boxes.
This is a unique, vintage and wonderful set of glasses. Please email with any questions and I will be happy to get right back
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