Set of 13 Vintage Gamma World Manuals from TSR Inc

Set of 13 Vintage Gamma World
Manuals from TSR, Inc.
This is a GREAT Set of 13 Vintage Gamma World Manuals from TSR, Inc. The set includes: -Gamma World Rules Supplement, 1986 -Mutant manual - An Ares Section Special, 1985 -Legions of Gold GW1 - Exploration Module, 1981 -The Mind Masters - for beginning & intermediate Players, 1983 GW4 Alpha Factor GW6 - for beginning & intermediate Players, 1986 -Beta Principle GW7 - for intermediate Players, 1987 First Printing -Gamma Base GW8 - for beginning & intermediate Players, 1987 -Delta Fragment GW9 - for intermediate Players, 1987 -Epsilon Cyborgs GW10 - for intermediate Players, 1987 -Gamma World Rule Book, 1986 -Gamma World Reference Book, 1986 -Gamma World Adventure Book ,1986 -Gamma World Reference Book, 1986 Set is previously owned in GOOD Condition. WONDERFUL Set!
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