Set of 5 1982-1985 Danielle Steel Hardcover Novels

This is a Set of 5 Danielle Steel Hardcover Novels from 1982-1985

(1) A Perfect Stranger - 1982 - After his divorce, handsome young attorney Alex Hale was afraid that he could never love again. Then, on the stonesteps carved into a San Farancisco hillside, he noticed a woman with the most beautiful, vulnerable-looking face he had ever seen. He had a razy impulse to run to her, but before he could reach her, she had vanished.....

This book is in excellent condition, and he cover is in good condition.

(2) Crossings - 1982 - In this poignant tale set against France and America in World War II, Danielle Steel creates the most heart-wrenching love story of her stellar career. For the millions who have made this phenomenal writer their favorite storyteller, Ms. Steel has fashioned her stongest, most triumphant heroine. Liane Crockett de Villiers is a character readers will adore, envy, and identify with-a passionate, vulnerable woman caught by circumstances beyone her control in a net of conflicting passions and divided loyalties...

This book is in great condition, and the cover is in fair condition.

(3) Once in a Lifetime - 1982 - The best-selling author of "Remembrance" and "The Ring " has written a moving story about a woman who believes that true love happensonly once in a lifetime-and then
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