Set of 24 Looney Thimbles with Wooden Display shelf

Set of 24 Lenox Warner Bros thimbles and wooden display shelf.
marvin the martian, daffy duck, taz, gossamer, yosemite sam, porky pig, speedy gonzales, pepe le pew, granny, michigan frog, sylvester, sam sheepdog, elmer fudd, bully, witch hazel, foghorn leghorn, miss prissy, tweety, wile e coyote, road runner, lola bunny, henery hawk, gruesome gorilla, bugs bunnyThey are in nice condition, dusty and could use a cleaning. Granny has some paint missing, sheepdog is missing ears, bully has a chip off of one horn. Comes with display case that does have some distortion of the logo. Please see individual pictures from individual pictures from auctions that were ended early.