Up for your consideration is this beautiful 7-piece set of Corning VISIONS cookware in the glorious CRANBERRY color. This is a color that looks gorgeous just sitting on a counter.

is what all you get in this set:

***** First, the big 2-1/2 Liter saucepan with its lid. This is the pan that is large enough to cook a big batch of chili or a whole lot of potatoes! And this is the pan that has a tab handle opposite its regular handle to help you when the contents are so heavy you need to use two hands and have two handles to lift the pan!

***** Second, the 1 Liter saucepan with a formed pouring lip, which is so helpful when you need to pour liquids off or pour sauces over your fine creations. This pan also has its lid.

***** Next you get the little 1/2 Liter saucepan which is the perfect size to warm small amounts, melt butter, prepare small sides for your meal.

***** And then you get the 7-inch skillet with its lid.....perfect for a batch of scrambled eggs, and awesome as a saute pan.

This is a total of SEVEN pieces of this beautiful Cranberry Visions cookware and provides you with the most-used sizes for your kitchen needs.

This lovely set is in good condition with NO chips, cracks, or repairs. All of this cookware features the non-stick lining. T is a bit of wear to a couple
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