Set of 70 Team Rocket Pokemon Trading Cards. Shinys included. WOTC. Pokémon TCG

For Sale.
Set of 70 cards from the Team Rocket set of Pokemon Trading Cards by the Wizards of the coast.
Here is a complete list of which you'll receive
Dark Golbat (rare shiny),
Dark Golbat (rare),
Dark Arbok (rare shiny),
Ekans x3,
Dark Vileplume (rare),
Dark Gloom,
Oddish x3,
Dark Muk x2,
Koffing x5,
Slowpoke x2,
Abra x2,
Drowzee x2,
Dark Machoke (1st Edition),
Diglett (1st Edition),
Dark Primeape,
Mankey x3,
Dark Electrode,
Voltorb x3,
Dark Charizard (rare),
Dark Charmeleon,
Dark Flareon x2,
Dark Rapidash,
Ponyta x2,
Psyduck x2,
Dark Blastoise (rare),
Dark Wartortle,
Squirtle x3,
Dark Raticate x2,
Rattata x2,
Eevee x3,
Porygon (1st Edition),
Meowth x2,
Challenge (trainer) x3,
The Boss's Way (trainer),
Sleep (Rocket's Secret Machine) (trainer) x2,
Goop Gas Attack (trainer),
Nightly Garbage Run (Rocket's Secret Machine) (Trainer),
Imposter Oak's Revenge (trainer) x2
They are in good condition overall but some have creases or a few marks and I have taken a few pictures to show this.
Exactly as pictured is the cards that you'll receive.
Guaranteed same day dispatch via Royal Mail First Class, I will also combine postage if you win more
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