Set 3 Black MELMAC Confetti Mixing Bowls texas ware?

Looking for a nice set of MELMAC MIXING BOWLS? We're not sure if these might be Texas Ware, as they are not marked, but they sure are pretty. T are three black/gray/white-colored bowls included in this lot, and they measure as follows: one 4-1/8" deep x 10" in diameter; one 3-7/8" deep x 8-3/8" in diameter; and one 3-1/2" deep x 7" in diameter (exclusive of handle measurements). These pieces are all in excellent condition...we can't find any damage at all. You'll be glad to know that they are on offer at NO RESERVE. Don't miss out on our marked Texas Ware Set, as well as other cookware auctions! We do our best to combine your shipping charges to save you money.