Set of 4 Etched Martini Glasses: 4 Unique patterns - swirls & polka dots: Nice

This is a nice set of 4 Long Stem Martini Glasses each of which exhibits its own unique etched pattern of which I have tried to capture in the images. Each glass stands 7 1/4" tall and is 4 1/2" around. I have researched this set and have come close to finding similar glasses but not these. I have also attempted to price them very affordable and I invite you to do your own research and if you like them and believe I may be a little on the high side price wise please feel free to make an offer in that I have a little room here for negotiation.

I was very happy to have successfully picked them in that it is hard to find a delicate set like this that is without cracks, blemishes or odd lots. Thank You for looking and I hope to be able to send these your way. This is a very nice set and if I had a Home Bar or Man Cave they would not be posted.