Set of 4 Etched Round Cork Coasters, MOUNTAIN DEW NICE

This is limited time.

This is set of 4 affordable etched round cork coasters. Each etched round coaster image will not be faded or washed off.
Each round cork coaster is 4 inches round and little over 1/8 inch thick.
I will do etching personalized on coasters. Please see the pictures. You may ask for 2 or 4 or 6 or 8 coasters. Just email me and ask me any questions.

The cork coasters are better than glass and ceramic coasters because the sweating glasses will stick on glass and ceramic coasters when picking up. glass and ceramic coasters will break when dropping.

Please make a payment ASAP after purchasing.

We can combine multiple items for shipment. Always delivery confirmation.
Will be mailed First Class Mail, 2 to 3 days depending on zip codes.

No international shipping

When you purchase any item(s), Please pay ASAP.

If you are happen not happy about the item(s), Please let me know, We can work with you.

I will be happy to refund you the money only, Be sure email me within 7 days for refund.

I do etching customs. I will etch drinking glasses,coasters,candy jars, glass plates, mirrors,woods and photo frames. I will do special requesting for one person or small or large non-profit organizations or businesses. In past I had some special requesting orders
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