Set of 9 Father Tuck's panoramas diecut scraps complete in box

Set includes: Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, the Three Little Kittens, Robinson Crusoe, Feather Friends, Cinderella, Off For the Holidays, Buttercup Farm and Beauty and the Beast. Off for the Holidays is missing the cardboard pieces to make the individual figures stand up. It also has one item separated from the rest but not missing--see photo. Robinson Crusoe is complete but one seam in the cardboard stands has separated, leaving it in 2 parts. All of the panoramas are in perfect, bright condition while the covers and story pages have somewhat yellowed with time, especially the spines. The box is in good condition but needs reinforcing (one corner and a place on bottom overhang) and has scuffs and yellowing and soiling appropriate for age. Books all have: Raphael Tuck & Sons...Designed in England, Printed in Bavaria on the inside covers. Box is 10"x5".