Set of 4 Meerschaum smoking pipes. Comes with carved box for display.

Up for auction is a set of 4 meerschaum smoking pipes. As you can see in the pictures, one of these pipes was used. Other than the used one, they are all in great condition.These have their own carved box that has the signature J. Krueger. There is a number on the back of the box that looks to be written in pencil. Also there is a small� discrepancy� with one of the nails on the bottom side of box. I have taken pictures for you to see any� discrepancies.� � � Info on Meerschaum � � � � Meerschaum is a very rare mineral, a kind of hard white clay. � � � � Light and porous structure of the pipe keeps the smoke cool and soft. � � � � The pipe itself is a natural filter which absorbs the nicotine. � � � � Meerschaum pipes slowly change their colors to different tones of gold and dark brown. This adds an esthetic enjoyment to its great smoking pleasure. � � � � The longer a pipe is smoked the more valuable it becomes due to the color change. � � � � Unlike briar, meerschaum does not burn. � � � � Meerschaum pipes do not need pre-smoking to have a good quality performance. You can get perfect satisfaction with the very first smoking. � � Shipping Monday -Friday 8:00 a.m -4:30 p.m Excluding Holidays