Set of 3 RICE KRISPIES 1950's advertising HAND PUPPETS

Snap, Crackle & Pop

Kelloggs Rice Krispies

Advertising Hand Puppets

Early 1950's

( Goshwow Ships to U.S. Addresses ONLY )

ITEM: Complete Set of 3 vinyl head RICE KRISPIES cereal advertising Hand Puppets of characters SNAP, CRACKLE and POP. Vintage is early 1950's. Heads are made of soft vinyl. Back of each neck has the word KELLOGG CO. marked in recessed lettering. Bodies are made of patterned cloth. Snap and Crackle have their original cut red felt hands. Each of the hands still retain ALL 5 fingers! Name of each puppet is printed with recessed lettering on the front of each hat brim.

GENERAL CONDITION NOTE: These puppets, like the early HOWDY DOODY puppets, often feel sticky or "goopy" on the inside of the vinyl heads. That is NOT the case The inside of the heads ARE NOT sticky and are NOT suffering vinyl decomposition.


SNAP - Minor paint wear at edges of white chef hat. Some of the vinyl is missing on the underside of nose. Has all 10 red felt fingers. DISPLAYS WELL !

CRACKLE - Minor paint wear on his blonde hair curls and tip of his red cap. T is some minor bleed-thru from the red felt hands to the cloth body. Has all 10 red felt fingers. DISPLAYS WELL !

POP - The staple that held the original tag is still present. Face has a bit
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