For your consideration I am offering a complete set of four "Ball Ideal" jars. These were made for the Bicentennial (1776-1976). "The Bicentennial IDEAL is a replica of one produced between 1930 and 1962 with the addition of an embossed American eagle. The BALL blue is much sought after by collectors. The BALL blue so familiar decades the color of this new triumph of glass maker craftsmanship, the Ball Bicentennial jar". This was taken from the pamphlet enclosed in one of the jars. This set comes in its original shipping box. Each jar has a number on the bottom, all have MADE in the USA embossed on them, all have the American eagle embossed on them, the 2 quart, 1 quart, and pint jar have the words, and numbers, "Bicentennial Celebration 1776-1976", encircling the eagle. The 2 quart jar is numbered, on the bottom, 77, A4. "Ball Ideal" is on one side of the jar with the number A4. The 1 quart jar is numbered 75, A11, on bottom. A11 is under "Ball Ideal". The 1 pint jar is numbered, 76, A6. A6 is under "Ball Ideal". The 1/2 pint jar is numbered 77, A8. T is no number on the front under "Ball Ideal". T are no words or numbers around the eagle on this jar. All jars have the wire closers on glass lids, with a rubber seal .. Embossed on each lid is "Ball". All are in excellent condition, no chips, no cracks,
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