Set of 6 American Bicentennial Collection Pewter Plates

A Great Historical Find!

Like New Condition

with all original documentation!

Valued at $79.95 in 1976 at time of purchase!

Complete Set of 6 historic pewterware plates in a special collector's edition

with Certificate of Registration of Special Edition Series signed by the President

From the Williamsport Foundry of Canton Ohio

Each plate bears the Foundry touchmarks impressed into its reverse side.

The American Bicentennial Collection 1776-1976

A Stirring Treasury of American Revolution Art Masterpieces has been embodied in

pewterware sculpture

From pamphlet: "The original art in each exquisite masterwork inset plaque was selected from museum collections and prestigious galleries located throughout the United States...

A magnificent Certificate of Authenticity, numbered and signed, documents the originality of each plate and attests to its value...A handsome booklet on the Collection tells events of the American Revolution and outlines the history of metal casting....

Commemorative plates such as these are each individual works of art. They make magnificent gifts-separately or as a set- certain to become cherished family heirlooms. They are looked upon as fine investments-investments that someday may exceed their nominal
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