Set of 7 hand-embroidered linen dish towels ~ vintage ~ 7 days of the week ~ Dutch girl

These are a real work of love!

These 7 dish towels were handmade by my Grandmother, and in her estate items. She was very much a perfectionist, and these show how nice her work was! I believe they date back to the 1960's, but not sure. It could have been the 50's. My Grandmother loved making things like this for gifts, so chances are they were never used, at least they look that way! Smoke-free home.

They are off-white linen. Each hand-embroidered picture is on a 16" x 33 1/2" off-white linen towel, with 3 red stripes down each side.

Each towel has a Dutch girl in wooden shoes, Dutch hat, and full dress with an apron. The hand-embroidered pictures are:

Sunday - Dutch girl gathering tulips, with a windmill in the background. Monday - Dutch girl washing clothes in a washtup at a table. Tuesday - Dutch girl doing the ironing. Wednesday - Dutch girl embroidering (have to take time for that!) Thursday - Dutch girl coming from the market with baskets full of produce and flowers. Friday - Dutch girl cooking a fish over a brick oven. Saturday - Dutch girl sweeping and dusting.

Thanks for bidding and good luck!

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