SET of 2 pcs of PBF(or EO-19) gas masks only, BLACK and GRAY, "Bulldog face

One more piece to a Soviet Russian gas mask collection. Quite rare model PBF (or EO-19). Completely new and not issued. Grey and black in colour. Set of two gas masks. Mask is in a very good condition with no any marks or other damage.

Unique and quite scary looking mask. "Bulldog face" or "hamster face" called mask looks quite stunning when on display or when used as a part of fancy dress costume. So it will make a nice Halloween or fancy dress mask as well and therefore because of light colour it's easy to redecorate and make your own.

We hold quite a small amount of stock so don''t miss it!

There has been some debate as to whether or not the filters for these masks contain asbestos they do not contain asbestos but they do contain activated charcoal , which might be inhaled by the wearer if the cotton seals inside the filter are damaged.

Cool decoration for bars, clubs, shops, studios, etc. or just an addition to your home interior. Can be used in shoots, videos, installations.

Available in different sizes (0y - XS, 1y - S, 2y - M)

They are equivalents to sizes XS, S, M