VERY RARE!! Set of 9 Spawn the Movie Figures W/GIFT!

Welcome everyone to another one of my RARE figure auctions. We are featuring some real rarities today and they are from the Spawn:The Movie line of figures. Up for auction today is tremendous find, ALL 3 of the Deluxe Movie Figures in one auction. First up is Attack Spawn which features a Grappling Hook,Snap-On Accessories for his hands, and a Removable Cape. Second we have the Violator, Spawn's Arch Enemy in the comic and movie. This figure feature Light-Up Eyes(Don't know if they still do or not, battery is probably dead) and a Striking Horn Attack. Lastly, we have the Lord of Evil and Spawn's Master, Malebolgia. This figure comes with a Cane Accessory and the figure has a Sound Chip that speaks Phrases from the movie (Again, batteries are probably dead). These figures are in Near Perfect Shape with Minor Shelfware and thats it, they have NEVER been opened or displayed and they are great additions to any collection. Also, up for auction are the 6 regular figures that consist of Spawn,Al Simmons,Jason Wynn,Jessica Priest, The Clown and Burnt Spawn. These figures have NEVER BEEN OPENED, but they show some minor shelfware, but are still in great shape as well.But wait, we're not finished yet. As a very special gift, to whomever wins this auction will receive not 1, but 2 FREE GIFTS . The gifts are 2 Battle Playsets from the movie,

Payment is due within 7 days of auction closing unless special arrangements have been made. An invoice will be sent to the winning bidder within 24 hours. Thanks Again and Have a Great Day!!!

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