Set of Three Original TERMINATOR MOVIE POSTERS - Italy/US Versions

Set of 3 Original TERMINATOR MOVIE POSTERS- The TERMINATOR (Italian Version/1984)- T2: JUDGEMENT DAY� (US Version/1991)� - TERMINATOR SALVATION (US Version/2009)� ~~~~~~~~~~ POSTER� DETAILS:*^� The following poster details are to the best of my knowledge. � ~~~~~~~~~~ SHIPPING� DETAILS: In an effort to secure poster from shipping damage, Posters will be rolled into a plastic poster sleeve, placed in a sturdy tube and packed into a USPS Medium Priority Mail Tube! I will ship ALL the posters that you win for one flat shipping rate! So be sure to check out my other movie poster auctions to save on shipping costs! Please note that these shipping rates are to cover packing/mailing materials and Priority shipping costs.� ~~~ I am selling most of my Movie Poster Collection! Please check out my other movie poster auctions. � ~~~ Feel free to ask any questions. SMOKE FREE home. PayPal ONLY! (PLEASE NOTE - ALL WON ITEMS WILL BE RE-LISTED IF NOT PAID WITHIN 3 DAYS! PLEASE NOTIFY ME IF MORE TIME IS NEEDED!) Thank you & ~~~~~~~~~~ *^PLEASE NOTICE! There is a POSSIBILITY that this poster may also have other types of wear and /or defects� which includes but are not limited to the following: Tape, Tape and/or Adhesive Residue, Fold Creases, Edge Wear, Foxing, Pin Holes, Rips & Tears, Yellowing, Other Markings, etc..! All photos provided ... read more