Seth Thomas 30 day World Regulator Clock

is a very nice Seth Thomas 30 day World Regulator wall clock up for bids. It is 32in. high and about 16 in. wide. This clock has the huge 86W movement that runs at 4800 BPH. slow and quiet. This movement was made for years and years of steady running. The case, pendulum and hands are in very nice condition. The doors close the way they should. I changed out the dial because someone thought they had to drill some extra holes in it for what reason I have not a clue. I can send it along with the clock if the buyer wants it. I know the Dial House can restore it to look like new. This movement has been overhauled and is ready for years of keeping accurate trouble free time. These big Seth's are really getting hard to find. I have seen them in antique stores for over $1000. If someone wants a great running clock this is it. I sure like winding once a month over 1 a week. Ask any questions you might have. Good luck. Buyer to pay shipping charges. I would think it would cost between $50.00 and $75.00 depending on location. This is a large clock.