THIS FINE CLOCK WILL TAKE YOUR BREATH AWAY! This is an EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL VERY RARE 100% ALL ORIGINAL MINT example of a Seth Thomas WHITE ADAMANTINE Mantle Clock in wonderful ALL ORIGINAL NEAR PERFECT condition. This is truly a great clock super great, "not messed around with" inside and out. The case is extremely beautiful with WHITE ADAMANTINE (RARE & not painted) all around in perfect condition. (See pictures) This is very rare as usually this type of finish is all cracked with pieces missing. Also very rare that it is white. One of the very first all original white adamantine clocks we've ever seen! It is a very classy mantle clock in need of a warm loving home. It was made circa1890. It has a SIGNED clean HEAVY DUTY "Seth Thomas Clock Co" 8-day time and strike movement which chimes the half hour on a sweet sounding bell and strikes the hour on the hour with a mellow, beautiful sound on a cathedral gong. It is a very strong runner! The movement runs very well and keeps good time. The movement was just cleaned, oiled, pivots polished and bushings added w needed. This clock will not need servicing for many years to come, and is ready for the next 100 years! This is a labor intensive service, with many clockmakers charging 250.00 and up. We recommend having it oiled every 2 to 3 years to keep it in tip-top shape! With the purchase ... read more