Seth Thomas Brookfield 8-Day Banjo Clock Model 3W

This is a Brookfield model 3W 8-day spring-driven banjo-style clock made in the USA by the Seth Thomas clock company. It is my understanding that the 4 numbers stamped on the back of the clock are the year and month that the clock was manufactured which would be December 1949. The clock is in fine working order. It counts the hour with an impressive-sounding single note on 2 long chime rods and strikes once on the half hour. T are a few small pit marks on the dial (see close-up photo). T is some brass finish loss on the sidearms (see photo). T are some abrasion marks on the case behind the pendulum (see photo) which aren't noticeable when the door is closed. T is also a mark on the pendulum bob w it looks like it has rubbed the chime rods. I will include the key that came with the clock but I am not sure if it is the original. While running the clock I have had to put a piece of cardboard between the wall and the lower end of the clock to keep the pendulum from scraping the chime rods. Perhaps the metal hanger on the back of the clock could be adjusted to correct this or maybe the nail I have it hanging on is sticking too far out of the wall. This is a fine timepiece and has been very dependable ever since I acquired it. Like many clock collectors, I have accumulated a few too many clocks and am trying to downsize my collection

The dimensions of the clock are 28" high (including the eagle finial), 10" wide (at the widest part of the bottom) and 4" deep.

Please include $25.00 for postage and insurance. I do not charge handling or packing fees and I will refund the difference if the actual shipping and insurance charges are less than $25.00. I accept payment by PayPal, money order or cashier's check. Thank you for your interest.

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