Seth Thomas 8 day round band "ogee style" clock with alarm

This is a Seth Thomas 8 day round band "ogee style" clock with alarm from the later part of the 19th century. Clock is about 16 inches tall, 10.5 inches across and 3.25 inches back. It has been serviced and runs well, but may need some slight adjusting for more accurate timekeeping (done by turning nut bottom of pendulum). The alarm, which works by setting the alarm dial to how many hours you want until it sounds (sounds when 12 on alarm knob is at top) functions as well. The dial of the clock is faded on some of the numbers and some of the paint is cracked or has chipped off (see third picture). I have treated the dial to stabilize the paint, so this should prevent anymore of the paint from chipping or cracking. The reverse painted glass is almost fully intact with a few spots where the paint has chipped off. (See fifth picture). Although I treated the paint on the dial, I have NOT done anything to the paint on the glass. I can recommend someone who specialized in reverse painted glass restoration if you wish to have it done, and he can repaint the dial as well. There are also a few places at the bottom where the veneer has come off (see pictures 8 and 9), typical for a clock of this age. Key and pendulum (both replacements, not originals; seen in picture 2) are included with clock. Multiple shipping options available. As always, ... read more