Offered for sale in this No Reserve Auction is a bracket style Seth Thomas Northbury Westminster Chime mantle clock. This clock has the 124 movement and can be found in the latest edition of Tran Duy Ly's Seth Thomas book on page 178 of volume one, item 478. The clock is in good condition and still has the original stickers on the door and it comes with both the original pendulum and key. Case dimensions are 11 inches high by 8.25 inches wide by 6 inches deep. The original catalog describes the clock as a mahogany case with recess panel of metal grill work with brass hands, sash, and feet. T are a few places on the top of the clock w the finish has lifted and t is a piece of veneer missing off of the back door that will never be seen once the clock is set on the shelf. Still, this is a nice clock and the size is very popular as it will fit just about anyw in your home.

WHAT MAKES A CLOCK A GOOD VALUE? The rules of economics are fairly straightforward. Simply put, it is almost impossible to spend a little and get a lot. Antique and vintage clocks follow these rules as well. You can buy "As Found" clocks for less money. Then you have to pay a shop to go through the movement and when you are done, you have spent more than if you would have bid on the nicer clocks in the beginning. I have tried through the photos to show the basic

MY PHILOSOPHY ON CLOCKS AND CLOCK MOVEMENTS . The only way to properly repair a movement is to completely disassemble, clean and inspect all parts, and make the needed repairs by proper horoligical methods. This includes the rebushing of all worn holes and the polishing of any rough pivots. The movements are then reassembled, lubricated with a high quality clock oil and test run for 8 days. This is a very time intensive process but is the only correct way to properly recondition a clock movement. You should expect a movement repaired in this manner to run for ten years trouble-free. I have been doing clock repair for over 25 years. I apprenticed under an Oregon State licensed repairman and have been a member of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC) since 1981. (Please see the About Me page for more information and to tour my shop). I do not make a living doing this; it has become a passion of mine. I go to estate sales, auctions, and search places like eBay to find clocks that are in need of restoration. Once they are made like new mechanically, I put them up for sale in the hopes of paying for my materials and supplies. It provides me with a low cost hobby and hopefully provides you with an heirloom to cherish for years to come.

THE MOVEMENT. The movement in this clock is the popular Model 124 that Seth Thomas manufactured for a thirty year period beginning in 1924. The pictures show the movement after the cleaning and repairs have been made and before the movement has been reassembled. Please note how the movement is completely disassembled, including the removing of the springs from the barrels. This is something that very few people are willing to take the time to do but it is the only way to properly restore the movement to a like new condition. The Seth Thomas 124 movement has the auto correction device so if the chimes get out of order because you let the clock run down, just wind it and the clock will correct itself in a few hours. The clock runs well and sounds beautiful.

PAYMENT AND SHIPPING. People deserve to be treated fairly and to expect that their transaction will be handled as if the business was being done face to face. Read my feedback and you can see that I live by these w...

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