This is a fantastic SETH THOMAS HELMSMAN Ship Clock & Barometer. the clock as on it's sticker on the back, 1009 HELMSMAN-W E537-001A Seth Thomas Div of General Time Corp. Thomaston, Conn. USA the Barometer's sticker reads, 1509 HELMSMAN-W E537-011A Seth Thomas Div of General Time Corp. Thomaston, Conn. USA. This set can sit on your desk or grace your mantle or the instruments can be removed and hung on the wall or the bulk head of your vessel. the ships wheels that surround the instruments also rather easily come off it you like the more traditional look. the barometer's needle rises and falls with the changes of barometric pressure. the clock runs great and keeps great time only loosing a couple of minutes between windings. it is an eight day clock and it chimes eight bells. (three o'clock is six bells, three thirty is seven bells, four o'clock is eight bells, four thirty is one bell and so forth) the wooden base is in very nice condition. the only flaw on this set is that t is a crack on top of the clock housing. it runs on the top to the threads so the glass of the clock is somewhat tricky to screw back in. this flaw does not detract from the functionality or beauty of this piece. other than that I would say it is in perfect condition and both instruments work well. comes with the winding key. this is a no reserve auction. ... read more