5 sets Wilson Natural Gut String Top Performance !!

5 SETS The Wilson Natural Gut
is the highest quality string that Wilson has to offer. The Natural Gut offers the ultimate combination of explosive power, soothing comfort, precise control, and incredible feel. Natural Gut is made from serosa ,which is found in a cow's intestines. The reason they use serosa isbecause of its structural characteristics, they are perfect for a tennis string. The serosa's molecular structure provides unmatchable elasticity, due to the fact that it is originally intended to endure the strecthing and contraction of a cow's intestine. The serosa's molecular structure also provides a soft cushioning feature. The gentle feel on impact makes the Natural Gut extremely arm friendly . This string is an excellent choice for people who suffer from tennis elbow. The elasticity abilities of this string allow for tremendous "ball pocketing", resulting in precision and accurate control. If you are serious tennis player, this is the string for you.
Best suited for: Players who want a high quality string that offers the full package. Explosive power, soothing comfort, precise control, and incredible feel all rolled into one immaculate string. It is also the perfect string for players who suffer from arm injuries such as tennis elbow.
****************THE QUA LiTY***************** Length: 40 feet/12.2 meters
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