Seven Samurai pop art poster painting of dvd COLOR

Original Seven Samurai Pop Art painting You'll be bidding on or purchasing this Limited Edition painting entitled, "Seven Saves" SEVEN SAMURAI from Award Winning American/Samoan artist/filmmaker Iosua Tai Taeoalii.

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This is the full color version. The picture is sprayed on 20"x24" 1/8" hardboard masonite. The default colors are Colonial Red, Honey Orange, Black. You can request different colors, but please send a detailed note of your color preference when you make your purchase. (As long as the colors are available in a spray can). Please specify which color scheme you prefer upon purchase, otherwise you'll receive the default colors that are posted. Please be as specific as possible if requesting custom colors. Please don't ask to add additional layers that aren't seen in the picture.

Limited amount available. This is from the 24 Series. T are only 50 to be sprayed. Currently t are 4 series from the Taeoalii's. (24 series, 30 series, 20 series and 15 series) You could be bidding on the last one. Every painting sold is signed by artist and labeled with series and painting number.
These are original paintings. No prints.
Secure/Quality Packaging: dedicated to safe arrival of my paintings.
Please note: These
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