Important Notices Sotheby's Cond itions of Sale and Terms of Guarantee constitute the entire agreement with all bidders. Sotheby's accepts no liability beyond what is set out in Sotheby's Conditions of Sale and Terms of Guarantee. The phrase "Seller Estimate" used above is no different from the estimates appearing elsewhere on this site and in Sotheby's catalogues and website. For a more complete description of what an e stimate is, please refer to the Bidding Guide & FAQs Items sold through Sotheby's are excluded from the eBay Money Back Guarantee, even though you may see references to the eBay Money Back Guarantee while bidding on live auction items. Sotheby's guarantees the Authorship of all lots for a period of f ive years. For a complete statement of the Terms of Guarantee please review the Conditions of Sale full size Full Size Image signed Loius. Co nvers, impressed framed SEVRES and S / 1923 / N marks, incised No 1348. CONDITION REPORT< hr> SALEROOM NOTICE PROVENANCE EXHIBITED LITERATURE CATALOGUE NOTE SUGGESTED LOTS Discover more upcoming
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