Sevylor Inflatable Boat Boot Cover for HF360 or U222

I just bought this boot/cover on EBay thinking that I'd take a chance that it would fit the boat that I have (It's not a Sevylor HF360....) but alas, it didn't fit However, it WILL fit the HF360 or the U222. 's the write-up:

Product Description
Sevylor Boat Boot for Sevylor Fish Hunter 12' Fishing Boat. You need this Boot to protect your Boat for a lot of reasons... it prevents the boat from expanding in the sun, increases resistance against abrasion, improves performance and adds additional layers of life to the Boat. Brown Camo color. Boot your boat for safety and longer life... order yours today! Sevylor Boat Boot for Sevylor 12' Fish Hunter Fishing Boat.

Product Features Prevents boat from expanding in the sun Increases resistance against abrasion Improves performance and adds additional years of life to boat