Sewing Embroidery Hoop fit SINGER Machine 301 401 ~ 10

10 inch Sewing Machine Embroidery Hoop

FINALLY! The Hoop for doing Machine Embroidery on your Singer 301, 401, 500, 503, etc.... or any full-size Sewing Machine for that matter!

It's taken me some time, but I have found a new HIGH-QUALITY Embroidery Hoop that is specifically made for Machine Embroidery. This particular one is 10 inches in diameter.
What makes a Machine Embroidery Hoop different?

Good question - well, first of all, its thickness. It is narrow for easy maneuverability under the embroidery foot / shank. A regular hand embroidery hoop, whether metal, plastic or wood, generally has a wider rim, making it difficult to get underneath the foot. Also, a regular hand embroidery hoop is not designed for constant motion simultaneous with the needle all the while holding the fabric consistently taut - which is of utmost importance. Therefore, this particular machine embroidery hoop is made of very sturdy high-quality wood. It will withstand constant motion and adjustment for your fabric thicknesses. I used one with a completed quilt (all thicknesses) so I could machine embroider names of those who attended a baby shower.


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