sf04 AMAZING STORIES April, 1935 in VG/FINE

AMAZING STORIES, Volume 10, Number 1, April of 1945 , Teck Publications, front cover artwork and Illustrations by Morey, CONDITION is VG/FINE with slight chipping in two spots to right cover edges, very slight wear to spine, paper is Cream to Off-White Pages. Auction Estimate $40- to $60 (1 item)

This PULP is from the collection of Harry Warner Jr., who began his collection of science fiction magazines in 1930 and continued through the 1970's. His British titles came directly from the editors in England , and many of his American copies were Review copies sent directly from the publisher. He was a famous author of two important histories about science fiction fandom, and was also renowned as a pioneer publisher and collector of science fiction fanzines. I observed that many of the PULPS in these item listings inside heavy boxes wrapped with twine and newspapers that were dated 1952 and 1953 - they had not seen the light of day for over a half a century! Because of these extraordinary storage conditions, most of these PULPS exhibit very high grades, near perfect spines with no fading, above average paper quality, and high-gloss brilliant covers.

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