Sgt. Rock #422 in Very Fine + condition

Sgt. Rock #422 in Very Fine + condition

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Sgt. Rock #422 This copy is in Very Fine + condition The grader's notes for this issue are in yellow below: Free of tears at staple? Inside pages Flat Cover free of tears (other than at edges & corners) Cover Corners sharply cut Cover colors reflect Cover clean This book graded 7 7 7 5 6 8 7 Mint 8 Yes White Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Near Mint 7 No, 1/16" max White Yes Yes Barely visible blunting Yes Yes Very Fine 6 No, but staples very firm Off-white , yellow or tan Slight bend OK Yes, tiny indentations 1/4" max crease High to medium Yes Fine 5 Staples firm Yellow or tan Bend OK Yes, minor creases OK Minor crease Medium (fading) Minor wear Very Good 4 1 staple loose OK Brown & minor tears OK slight roll OK Tiny tears, long crease or color chipping Medium crease or 1/2" missing Low or no Medium wear; some ink / H 2 O Good 3 1 staple detached Brown & moderate tears OK No Minor tear or major crease Major creases

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