Shadowless 1st Edition Charizard 4, Blastoise 2, Venusaur 15 Pokemon Card Lot??

You are bidding on a random lot of Pokemon Cards. I have over 500 different cards available, most of which are in Excellent condition. My collection also includes many 1st edition shadowless cards, including 3 Shadowless, 1st Edition Charizards 4/102, 5 Blastoises 2/102, and 9 Venusaurs 15/102 .
The only guarantee is you will receive at least 1 Rare Holo card (Guaranteed Charizard Card 4/102, likely to be 1st Edition/Shadowless) , and at least 2 non holo cards from the first three sets ever made(Base 1, Fossil, or Jungle). Depending on the Rarity of theses cards, you can receive up to 20 different cards and up to 3 Rare Holos in one lot.
I sometimes stick in 'free' energies and trainers, that will not count against what you will receive in your lot. If you wish not to receive the 'free' Energies or Trainers, please let me know, so I can save them for someone who would like them.
Feedback will always be given after feedback is received. and feel free to send me any questions you may have.