Shaftesbury Squall Pedal Surf / Tornado Wah Siren

Quite a cool piece of kit this, I believe from the 70's. Shaftesbury was a brand used by Rose Morris to sell Rickenbacker guitar and bass copies back then.
It's a multi effects pedal from before multi effects really existed.. Analog, to say the very least!
This is how it works: firstly the siren effect. This is controlled by a single There is also a volume control for this effect, independent of the other effects.
The top dial controls the effect you wish to use (taking the siren out of the equation!); options are volume (self explanatory), surf(designed to make the guitar sound like waves washing in, apparently) wah wah and tornado (a swirling effect). Once you have selected the effect the foot pedal allows you to control it's severity. There is also a separate volume control for the surf and tornado effects.
The pedal is between 30-40 years old and has been used, so please do not expect a pristine item! That said, it is solidly built, in good working order and, aside from a few scratches and scuffs, cosmetically sound.
The pedal runs on a 'c' type battery.
Please ask any questions before you buy!

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