Shakespearean Lovers Series Collector Plates Incolay

Shakespearean Lovers

Complete 8 Collectors Plate set

A Series of collector's plates inspired by the immortal plays of William Shakespeare. Created by sculptor Roger Akers and preserved for posterity in the enduring medium of Incolay Stone

Shakespearean Lovers is the first Incolay plate series cast in rose Carnelian Incolay Stone, a unique combination of materials deriving its depth and hue from quartz based minerals that replicate the coloring and weight of semi-precious stone.

Each plate is 8 1/2" in diameter in orginal shipper with COA and informational pamphlet

Plate one "Romeo and Juliet" First issue in series

Plate two "Hamlet and Ophelia"

Plate three "Petruchio and Katharina"

Plate four "Macbeth and Lady Macbeth:

Plate Five "Benedick and Beatrice"

Plate Six "Lysander and Hermia"

Plate Seven "Othello and Desdemona"

Plate Eight "Ferdinand and Miranda" Final issue in series

These are absolutely beautiful and unfortunately the pictures do not show intricate details. If you would like to see a particular one let me know and I will post a picture. They are all in excellent conditon.

Each one dated and numbered on back as well as Bradford exchange number

Romeo and Juliet (Pictured above)- in a tour
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