Shamanic Dream Crystals of Brazil 4581

Shamanic Dream Crystals of Brazil 4581

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Shamanic Dream Crystals
These mystical crystals contain lodalite, formed many millions of years ago in only one location, the Minas Gerais area of Brazil . They are included with chlorite, (red and green). Clear quartz is the lens and lepidolite may also be found. In some t are tiny manifestation crystals. Some have rutile needles, or other minerals.
Please super size photos for details.

(Please keep in mind the photos are zoomed in to show detail. Please check coin comparison in the last photo and measurements for true size.)

Color varies from each computer screen. Colors could appear lighter or darker than the actual stone.
1 1/4" x 1" x 5/8"
14 gr
Metaphysical Properties

Meditation with a Brazilian, Shamanic Dream Crystal can be a life changing experience. They are called journeying crystals, for it is said, that the Shamans in Brazil, journey within to experience visions and healing. I cannot say personally if that is true, but I have taken my own inward journeys and it

May your true beings of love and light guide you on your journey within.

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