Shannon Crystal Lotus Candle Set by Godinger -Beautiful

This Shannon Crystal Lotus Candle set by Godinger would make a wonderful gift or look beautiful in your own home. The Lotus designed crystal sparkles in the light. This set is NEW and has never been opened. (Pictures are from my own personal set.) Taper candles are not included. From leaf point to leaf point the candle holder is 5 ½ inches across, and 3 inches high to the top of the leaf point. This Shannon Crystal Candle set retails for $50.00. Also included with your crystal is a small booklet containing the following: The Shannon Collection has been designed to reflect the soft, glowing beauty of a magical countryside, the stylish architecture and the vigorous life of the people of Ireland. This fine crystal has been hand crafted utilizing the centuries old traditions of Bohemian Crystal Glass blowers and cutters. By strictly adhearing to these traditions, we are able to present you with beautiful crystal which is truly worthy of becoming a cherished family heirloom. Taking Care of Your Shannon Crystal: Crystal by its very nature, requires delicate handling. With just a little tender loving care you will ensure the beauty of your Shannon Crystal for meny lifetimes. Wash one piece at a time by hand using warm soapy water and hand dry with a soft cloth. Never use any type of abrasive detergent; as this will dull the luster of your ... read more