Shannon's Dairy Milk Bottle Jeffersonville, IN Red Pyro

I am not knowledgeable concerning milk bottles. I am giving information that I consider correct based on some research.

What I do know... this is a half-pint milk bottle standing 5-1/2" tall. Marked with Duraglas name on the bottom of the bottle (see picture). This is from the Shannon's Dairy located in Jeffersonville, Indiana. I discovered that Sam Shannon opened his dairy business in 1918 and operated it until he sold it in 1961. I'm not sure the age of this bottle. The other markings on the bottom of the bottle include an "X" in the middle and under that a "9" and a "52". The pictures that appear to be duplicated in the pictures I have provided are the front and back of the bottle. Both sides look identical and appear to be in the same condition. There are no cracks or repairs to this bottle. I purchased this from a dealer that had filled the bottle with Styrofoam beads to make it easier to view the label. The beads were sealed with a milk cap from Moncrief's Dairy. (see picture)

What I think is right... I believe this type of label is known as "Red Pyro". I am not sure and have not found a source that explains this term. Please correct me if I am wrong.

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