VERY SHARP 1900-S MORGAN DOLLAR~better date & free ship



Here's a solid coin in a date that is fast becoming one of the more difficult dates to fill in a Morgan collection. It's already reached the point where a high-grade example is far too expensive for the majority of collectors. In a few short years, any specimen is likely to be a big ticket...especially considering the rate at which this date is rising up the scarcity charts.

There were 3.5 million of these struck in San Francisco in 1900. Most were released into circulation (many to casinos in Nevada several decades later when Vegas and Reno first began building large facilities). A large percentage of the initial strike was also melted in 1918. All those factors, along with the continued and ever-rising popularity of these silver dollars, have combined to make it a tough date and it will only become tougher as more people join the legion of Morgan collectors. There are already more than 6 million people building a set of Morgans and that number will surely keep growing as silver rises.

This coin shows strong details in all key areas, including excellent rim depth and bold wing feathering. The surface is unaltered and that's a key point. It's never been cleaned or polished. The color is classic gray and the "s" mintmark stands out boldly. Superb eye appeal,
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