Sharp AU++ 1927 Liberty quarter ... a beautiful coin ( ccc )

Scarce AU++ 1927 Standing Liberty quarter ... tough to find this nice

1. Mintage ... 12 million

2. Description ... sharp strike with crisp lettering and full rims ... with a nice head

3. Grading criteria ... strong shield and rivets ... good feathers

4. Eye appeal ...excellent with bright, all-white residual mint luster on superb surfaces

5. Availability ... more difficult in high grade

Before you bid, please read the following:

1. Shipping ... includes expense of postage, insurance and shipping supplies

2. Photos ... coin pictured is the exact coin you will receive

3. White flecks ... from the 2 x 2 coin holder may appear in some photos

4. Shadowing ... may occur as coins can be difficult to photograph

5. Comments ... are simply "my opinion", I am not a professional coin grader nor do I assume to be