Fun machine works and was on counter at office for 20 years at least, not sure where my father got it but he had me order the little� gum balls for it in 20lb boxes, kept it on counter with bowl full of pennies for himself and customers, every now and then a deformed ball would stick in it but usually just a shake and another penny all that was needed.�

Because a few emails asked I did as much research online as i could and am told that because this one says lockport as town and ford moved to akron in 1950 it should then be pre 1950, the lower serial number indicates that, now when i get home i will check to see if padlock is a chicago lock making it an original lock. I am not sure when my dad got this but am sure it came from shop next door an old locksmith place and had been there for who knows how long, that place was open for nearly 80 years, this was always inside an office and on a counter so would never have rustes and a lock guy would have oiled it and such he was a very� fastidious old guy. Yes it is glass, opens and closes easily globe comes off nicely and clamps back on tightly. I am not a dealer nor a collector as my feedback and items should show, this is the first and last vending gum machine i will ever have so this is all i know about it, I will post the lock thing later after I check it. Thank you for all the

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