Sharper Image Versa Hybrid Supercraft Electric RTF RC Plane, New!

The new Versa A5 takes "innovative remote control planes" to another other level. The Versa A5 is capable of taking off water or land without any "costly add-on" modifications. Simply plug in the landing gear and you have a land based RC airplane with servo controlled nose gear. In the water mode you have a servo controlled water rudder. This allows the Versa to be the most "versatile" RC airplanes available today.
Comes with all the electronics installed and stickers appplied from the factory. Features a powerful 1200kv brushless motor, a 1300 mah 11.1 volt lipoly battery and a 20 amp brushless speed control.
The Versa A5 is capable of speeds up to 60 miles per hour yet will fly slow enough for the novice to master basic flight manuevers.
Water take-offs are effortless because of the triple bladed high thrust propeller.
The Versa also was designed with state of the art modular designed EPO foam parts for extra durability as well as increased torsional rigidity. This adds up to a more dynamic performing aircraft, that excels in both extreme performance and low level flying.
Steerable Nose Gear on Land! Have complete and accurate ground control with its steerable nose wheel.
Steerable Rudder Gear on Water! Have complete and accurate water control with its steerable rudder fin.


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