Arguablythe most sought-after rock climbing guide in America. Art Gran’s 1964 1 st edition guide to the Shawangunks memorializes a time and place when and where the standard exploded. Read beside today’s grim, Microsoft-influenced prose, Gran’s ironic and cheerful route descriptions are a reminder of the day when climbers climbed for the hell of it. Gran quotes Yvon Chouinard after his first ascent of Matinee: “I could put in a hundred such routes and forget them all tomorrow.”

155 pages, 35 photos

Except for the front board, which suffers from light scratches, this copy is in mint condition. The bottom front left corner is frayed and the bottom right corner is slightly bumped. Inside, the end papers, photos, and text are flawless. There are no markings except a nostalgic, lightly penciled “5–” on the top right of the front end paper, a memory of the happy day, long ago, when I purchased this gem for $5.