Sheaffer's Oversized Lifetime (White Dot) Balance Fountain Pen in superb, fully restored, working condition. Color is carmine/red pearl striped with a deluxe wide cap band and other gold filled trim. Pen uses the piston (plunger) filling system which has been professionally restored with new seals and takes up and discharges ink well. The pen is 5 1/2" long; the diameter of the cap is just over 9/16". The two-tone (platinum plate on solid 14K gold) nib is smooth, medium and imprinted: "SHEAFFER'S - LIFETIME - REG. U.S. PAT. OFF - MADE IN U.S.A." T is no wear of the shiny platinum plated area. All plastic and gold filled metal surfaces are smooth and shiny with no cracks, gouges, chew marks or engraved names. The barrel imprint reads: "W.A. SHEAFFER PEN CO - FORT M AD ISON, IOW A - U.S.A. - PATENTED IN U.S.A." (the underlined letters are weak or missing). The color is uniform throughout. The cap band is 5/16" wide and has a pinstriped surface pattern with a smooth area suitable for engraving though none is present. T is no brassing on the cap band or body of the clip; imperceptible, typical slight brassing on edge of clip only. A beautiful large pen in a hard-to-find color and in wonderful condition. Probably dates from the late 1930's.