Sheaffer Triumph White Dot Fountain Pen Brown Integrated 14KT Nib / Excellent

Bought this Sheaffer last year in a binge of checking out some vintage fountain pens (see my other listings for other pens I binged on). The pen had been restored by the previous seller, and the piston filler mechanism works fine. I'd say the nib is between an extra-fine and fine.

I used the pen a few times and didn't notice anything wrong with it. Actually pretty smooth. I just have too many pens and am not much of a collector, so I'd rather have it go to a better home where it'll be enjoyed and used.

Note on my recent listings (04/2017) : I bought all the pens in my recent listings for the purpose of getting them already restored and with the intention of using them. I've filled and written with them all, and unless otherwise noted, all work great. If I had the foresight, I would have saved the original seller's description of the history behind the pens; sadly I didn't. Hopefully the pictures speak for themselves. I'm selling them because I'm not much of a pen collector and would rather have them find good homes and be used. Also, I want a new guitar.