Shearer, Norma Jack Benny William Haines Marion Davies Cliff Edwards "Hollywood Revue Of 1929" Sheet Music Signed Autograph "Your Mother And Mine" Photos

Your Mother And Mine"-1929-Robbins Music Corp-sheet music.This song is featured in the 1929 MGM Movie-"Hollywood Revue Of 1929". The movie stars Norma Shearer,Cliff Edwards,William Haines,Marion Davies and Jack Benny and they are featured on the front cover of the sheet music in vintage photos.With the arrival of talkies, every major studio hopped on the musical bandwagon by turning out lavish "revues," spotlighting their top stars performing specialty numbers. MGM's entry in this all-star genre was Hollywood Revue of 1929, which, though a box-office smash and a "Best Picture" Oscar nominee, is an absolutely deadly experience when seen today. Even so, it coasts by on its curiosity value, as several major MGM luminaries display their all-talking, all-singing, all-dancing talents (or lack of same). The film is hosted by Conrad Nagel and Jack Benny, the latter still purveying the "wise-guy" personality he used on screen before adopting his more likable radio characterization. Some of the individual acts are modestly entertaining: Joan Crawford, the top of her head cut off due to faulty camerawork, is quite appealing in a jazz number; Laurel and Hardy and Buster Keaton provide genuine laughs, the former in a makeshift magic act and the latter performing a burlesque ballet; Bessie Love and Marion Davies are cute and cuddly in their respective ... read more