US Sheet MNH Scott # FA1 Certified Mail issue SUPERB

US Sheet MNH Scott # FA1 Certified Mail issue. T here are 50 .15 cent stamps. Face value is $7.50 Great Sheet! Just a reminder that this is an excellent sheet without faults. Over the next several days I will be listing over 340 excellent sheets and will include mint sheets from the 1920's, 30's and 40's - many Famous American issues including the 891 McCormick, 888 Remington, 887 French, 886 Saint Gaudens, 885 Whistler, 884 Stuart, 878 Adams, 877 Reed, 876 Burbank, 875 Long, 874 Audubon, and 862 Alcott. Earlier sheets include 742 Mt Ranier, 740 Yosemite, 739 Wisconsin, 724 Penn, 716 Winter Olympics, 713 8 cent Washington, 712 7 cent Washington, 707 2 cent Washington, and the 704 1/2 cent Washington. Three excellent issues of the 671, 670 Nebraska and the 658 Kansas overprints are offered. Air Mail sheets include the C122-5, C120, C119, C117, C115, C100, C85, C79 and many earlier issues including great copies of the C31 and very scarce C9. Other surprises include many USED and Postage Due issues These used sheets are seldon offered on Ebay. They were cancelled by the Post Office back in the 1950's and used at the request of a philatelic society. There are also several excellent early partial sheets as well as many 6, 5, 4 and 3 cent sheets. For most sheets with more than 20 stamps, only the area around the plate number will be shown ... read more