Sheffield Silver Plated Entree Dish By Walker & Hall c.1876 **You Want This**

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Sheffield Silver Plated

Entree Dish By

Walker & Hall c.1876


Measuring the size of an entree dish, this one is made by the Sheffield silversmiths Mr.Walker & his good pal Mr.Hall.

I say "made by" when I really mean 'manufactured by' as the two gentlemen mentioned above were possibly (and don't quote me on this) more likely to be seen sipping brandy and smoking fat cigars inside a glitzy posh office watching the good ole' chaps on the shop floor wearing their flatcaps and thinking of their ferrets, banging these out everyday for pennies while the item itself retailing for more than a weeks food money for most people.

It has no silver loss due to the fact that I re-plated it (electroplated and not smeared with that cheap imitation silver cloth rubbish which rubs off after a month)

It has a few surface scratches but nothing that would make you go ...eeek!

The interior is well clean and useable for whatever food you care to place in it.

Free Tip: To save the bottom of your entree dish from being gouged by an over zealous meat cutting implement, try placing a strip of tin foil inside, therefore reducing the risk of tears being shed
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