Sheldon & Buckley England Flow Blue Grasshopper 10" Plate

Grasshopper is a pattern as obscure as the pottery that produced it. You won't find the pattern in any book. You probably won't find the company in any book either. There is about one sentence about the pottery on the internet, and you have to really search to find it.
This is a post-Victorian era design which was registered in 1917. It must have been one of the first (and only) Flow Blue offerings of Sheldon and Buckley after they took over the Hadderidge Pottery in Burslem. S&B operated Hadderidge Pottery for about ten years.
The quality of the plate itself is below average. It is fairly light for its size and has kind of a streaky, smudgy glaze. Grindley and Johnson Brothers produced better. But the design and bold cobalt color of the plate is both visually appealing and a refreshing change from the more common geometric patterns which are so widely available. Huge cobalt blue zinnia-type flowers are outlined in gold. The enormous grasshopper with a gold eye is perched atop the stem. If you are looking for something a little different, this might be the piece for you.
10" diameter.
The plate displays beautifully but does have a couple of condition issues. One 1/8" shallow flake is present on the extreme edge of the rim. One 3/16" shallow chip is present on the underside of the rim. Pictures of both areas are
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