Shell Golden Gas oil pump plate vintage thick porcelain old heavy steel sign.

You are looking at a heavy steel, porcelain coated sign.
This is NOT an enamel, painted, stenciled or light weight tin or aluminum sign but steel.
This sign is 12X12 inches in size. It is still showing good gloss and vivid colors in main body of sign. It is thickly coated with porcelain enamel. It is just a really cool sign and very collectable. There is a bit of wear and light areas of surface rust around sign edge. This Shell Gasoline sign is in very good condition and has great color and gloss. The three holes where sign attaches to flat surface is in very good, stable condition. Shell Gasoline Oil is one of the most beautiful and sought after of collectable oil company signs. This one is in exceptional condition.
Study all pictures and if you have questions please ask before bidding.
Thank you for your interest.