Shelled Urban Ruins - 3T-Studios Terrain - 28mm 40k Infinity

Shelled Urban Ruins
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3T-Studios presents an exquisitely detailed piece of our urban scenery, completely hand-made and ready to use. This piece features a large base (approximately 14" x 5" with walls up to 9" high) and multiple levels of rubble-strewn areas designed for squad placement and defense. There is a high level of detail on this piece, from the broken, dusty rubble and bomb-blasted building foundations, to the cracked and artillery-chewed plaster walls. 3T-studios takes another gaming table staple and cranks it up to centerpiece levels.
This piece has been made from scratch with durable materials designed to withstand play and handling. This piece has been painted and lovingly detailed and weathered by our professional art team and is made to look equally good behind the display case as on the gaming table. Perfect for urban/sci-fi games or just as a display for your best squads.
This is your opportunity to catch a lavishly detailed piece of unique scenery pieces right out of our studio without a commission and without paying commission prices (commissions are currently closed!), so if you're an avid miniature gamer, or just getting started, this is a great way to build up your terrain collection and play with style!
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